Menstrual Cup over Sanitary Pads

Recently I came across the news that Kerala’s Alappuzha Municipality is giving 5,000 menstrual cups to women free of cost. This project was started to curb the growing problem of menstrual waste. Such a great move!!!!

Now, what is exactly menstrual waste? During last year’s Kerala floods, a large amount of plastic waste was found comprising of sanitary pads. These pads are non- biodegradable and hazardous to environment as the top layer of the pads consist of a lot of plastic covering the product. It is not really possible to dispose it in an eco-friendly way or re-cycle them. Thus, it is termed as Menstrual waste.

This project will not only help in curbing the problem of menstrual waste but also it was much needed to educate the women about Menstrual Cups. Majority of the women have not been using it as they have not been educated enough about it. Since ages we have been using the sanitary pads which is harming our Earth. Its time we move on to a better option for the Environment as well as for our self.

Why one should move over from Sanitary pads to Menstrual cups? This is why:

  1. Cost EffectiveMenstrual Cups are much cheaper than sanitary pads. It will cost around Rs. 300-350 but that one cup can be sterilized and re-used for 7-8 years.
  2. Safe for Environment: It will be safe for environment as a lot of plastic will be used less. Also, it is re-usable so need to dispose off.
  3. Rash free skin: We all have been through the skin rash due to sanitary pads. Say bye bye to skin rash with menstrual cups and say hello to rash free skin.
  4. No odour or leakage: If inserted correctly, no need to worry about leakage and odour while using the menstrual cups. You can even swim, during your periods. Isn’t that great?
  5. Easy to use: There are end number of videos and articles explaining how to use the Menstrual cups. Some find it difficult but it is the easiest and will have the most comfortable periods ever.

All these reasons are enough to switch over to Menstrual cups. Trust me, it will be life saving. All we need is to spread the word as much as possible.


How old is too old???

Here, i have a very interesting question.. How old is too old??? Is it when you are in your 40s, 50s, 60s… or when you are in your 30s but feel old enough???

So, by saying, “in 30s but feeling old enough” what i mean is – we are physically, numerically young but mentally old.. We tend to say things like “i am too old to start a new business”, “i am too old to join a dance class”, “gone are the days i can party whole night” etc etc..

Have we ever given a thought that being old is just all in our head. Our mind reacts to what we feed into it. I have seen people who have become entrepreneur at the age of 40. There is no age limit to do what you love. And if you do what you love, there is no coming back.

Recently, i am reading this book “The Magic of thinking Big” by David Schwartz and i came across the best example given by him regarding age cannot stop us to do anything.

In that given example i had learned that in one’s entire life, the productive years are from the age 20-60(i.e 40 years). In these years the person is most active, matured and wise. So if you are in your 30s and feel too old to start something new, remember that you have just passed 10 years (as you have to start counting from age 20) and still have 30 years left to chase your dream or follow your passion.

Now, after counting the years this way, feel how young you are!!! It is not the number that matters but it is your heart and mind which matters the most.. No matter what age you have reached one should always be young by heart and mind… ❤️

Ofcourse, all of us have 9-5 jobs or a family to take care of, or children to look after etc.. But, apart from all these duties and routines what we can at least do is do one activity that is close to our heart, which gives us the atmost happiness. This will surely help us grow old happily😁

Remember: You live only ONCE, so live it to the fullest and make it WORTH it!!!

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Leap Of Faith

Just before getting married, I went on girls trip to Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. The one sole reason we selected this place for our trip was Bungee Jumping. I desperately wanted to try this, get it ticked from my bucket list. And my friends who were not so sure, but they agreed with me to give it a try.

Let me tell you, the experience of the jump was out of the world. Even today when i recall that, i still get butterflies in my stomach. Before the jump, there was fear to even look down. But i had made up my mind to not think about my fear and just jump. This is what an adventure makes us do – “conquer our fears” !!!

Bungee jumping – off the bucket list ✔️

You are there standing on a tiny platform and looking at the free fall to come all by yourself. There isn’t anybody to push you. Its totally upto you to make the first move and JUMP. Your legs shake, you feel weak, but than on the count of 3 you step out and Take the LEAP OF FAITH!!! And u get the amazing feeling ever!!!

The adventure got more exciting as i had my best friends doing it with me, just for me!!!




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Dear Human, its okay to break Stereotypes!!!!

We live in world where Stereotypes = Beliefs.

In real sense, Stereotype is just when someone “assumes” something to be a belief, and the rest of us just follows for the ages to come. Let’s say for example, Gender stereotypes, which stands to be most common. It includes believing that women are more likely to be graceful, homemakers, good with children, bad at driving, etc than men. On the other hand, men are believed to be more independent, physically strong, good at sports, business persons etc. It is very common that men are associated with career and women with family. How is this true??? And till what extent??

Why can’t women be career oriented and men homemakers. Or the best can be, both can perform the characteristics of both the genders. So, the question is what to do when we find ourself not fitting in the stereotype.

The answer is “Break that Stereotype, walk through them”. We must reject not only the stereotypes that others have of us but also those that we have of ourselves. They are like thin invisible lines, but somehow you have to find the energy to be strong, super confident.

It important for the world to know that:

  1. Men can also be good cook, dance well, good with children, less aggressive
  2. Women can drive perfectly, manage the business like a boss, be good at sports
  3. Married Men/Women can still go for girls or boys or solo trips and have their own time
  4. Girls can propose a guy
  5. 40 Y/O can start his/her own business
  6. Dark skinned person can be beautiful too
  7. Skinny people can be physically strong etc etc

The above list is just never ending but point is to do what you feel right and not believe on someone else’s assumptions.



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This Mother’s day give her what she deserves!!!

With Mother’s day coming closer, i am all prepared to see my Facebook timeline full with everybody posting their pictures with their Mommy and all the insta posts with “oh-so- aww-dorable” captions. BTW i also do that 😉 This is mostly because we only post pictures with her either on her Birthday or Mother’s day. All other days, around the year we are busy living our so called best life and post the pictures of the same.

We put up Mother’s day post on Instagram, where the fact is, she is not even using that platform. Sounds funny right? This Mother’s day i thought of celebrating it in a different way (apart from sharing pictures on social media 😉 )  and i would like to share the idea with the people reading my posts, which they could also do for their Mothers.

Our Mothers do so much for us everyday. Their life revolves around their family and they literally change their lifestyle as per our needs and routines. What about their own wishes, hobbies and desires?? They have left them all behind. So on this special day let’s ask them to be their own self. All about them and nothing about us. We can ofcourse afford to give her a day off from all our chores that she does.

Now by being herself, she’ll need to do something which she LOVES to do. It can be anything except her daily household chores. When you will first ask her that what is something that she loves, you’ll not get the answer as she will have nothing to say. So here are the few options (depending on what kind of a person your Mom is)  that will make her feel the change:

  1. Plan a lunch date with her friends
  2. Cook HER favorite meals
  3. Gift her Spa vouchers
  4. Enroll for some dance/yoga class
  5. Book tickets for stand up comedy/drama
  6. Find her some painting workshops to attend
  7. Plan a date with her husband to re-live those quality moments
  8. Arrange a playing cards/karaoke night for the ladies
  9. Take her for shopping
  10. Visit some fun amusement park with her

This Mother’s Day make her feel loved and special and give her a break which she very much deserves after taking care of everybody in the house. It is rightly said that “Mothers are the glue that sticks the family together”. It is her day so let her live that day her way!!!!

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This too shall pass!!!!!

“This too shall pass” is a phrase that everyone has heard of. The first time i heard of this phrase was, when i was in school. We had a routine of writing a phrase everyday on our blackboard and read it loud. So out of all the phrases which i read, this one has fixed its place in my mind and heart too!! For me, it is not just a phrase, but a belief!!

All of us has been through the tough and difficult times. It is a part of life. Life spares nobody with those hard phases. But to go through the difficult phase, we all have some or the other beliefs. But, it is very important to believe in yourself first!!! Every human being has their own strengths and weakness and most difficult task is to recognize it. Once its done you can easily deal with the situations you are faced with.

It is YOU, YOURSELF who will help you to sail through the hard times. While trying your best, you have to trust that no matter how bad you are stuck but THIS TOO SHALL PASS… Nothing is permanent, and so does your bad times. It has to pass.

Rather than convincing your heart with “All is well” when nothing is going well, try convincing it with “this too shall pass”. This helps in accepting the fact that things are not going as planned or the way it should be but, it will pass and something great is waiting for you. Because at the end whatever happens, happens for a reason!!!

Be positive and make your life worth it!!!! You not only live once but you need to live everyday like its your last day !!!!



Why should Bali be in your “Before you die go to list”

Planning to go on a trip but unable to decide where to go??? This might help you…

The mention of Bali evokes thoughts of paradise, spirituality. For all those who have been to Bali will agree with this post and for those who have not yet been there should definitely consider to visit once.

Bali, better known as “Land of Gods” is an must visit island in Indonesia. Thinking of it being Land of God, there is a myth that Bali is only about religious temples but i just mentioned it is a “myth”. It is much much more than just those exotic temples. So except the temples, the places which are worth visiting are mentioned in the post further.

Trek Mt. Batur

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-23 at 12.56.59 PM

If you are adventurous enough, the idea of trekking will excite you!! Trek to Mt. Batur was a 2 hour trek for experiencing the most scenic and mesmerizing sunrise. This 4 a.m trek was really worth it. You can witness the sun rising through the clouds. Imagine how beautiful the view will be.



Waterbom is a lively water park and is ranked as Asia’s #1 water park. This place is perfect for all ages, with family or friends. The rides are thrilling and best for the water babies out there. I would recommend to book tickets online on Klook for BIG SAVINGS. Must visit for the thrill and fun altogether. They also have a Lazy River where you can ride lying on the floats.

Nusa Penida 

Nusa penida is an island to the south of Bali. The easiest and cheapest way to reach there is by taking a public boat. It is just a 45-minute boat ride from Bali (first boat departs at 08.00 a.m). We did a one day tour to the island. In a day we visited the three best sights:

Broken Beach

Kelingking secret point

Crystal Bay

crystal bay


Ubud is a quiet place to escape the hustle and bustle. People prefer staying there for  1-2 days to relax and rejuvenate. But, we being the hyper actives decided to do a day tour to Ubud. The places visited in Ubud were:

  • Uma Pakel Agro Tourism and Swing: It is probably one of the most famous spot in Ubud where you can get to experience the Bali swing ride. After the swing you can take picture in their instagrammable photo spots like the Bird’s nest and Pink swing (which is just for photos). a0973067-e1f2-49b1-881e-6f737b7fdcb5

The other best experience at Uma Pakel is to try Tea and Coffee samplers after the              much tiring photo shoot. And yes, not to be missed the world’s most expensive                    coffee coming from cat’s poop.

  • Tegalalang Rice Terrace: It is the most visited tourist attraction in Ubud. It is famous for its beautiful scenes of rice paddies.
  • Waterfalls: There are many hidden waterfalls in Ubud. Our cab driver took us to Tegenungan waterfall.

Apart from these, our driver insisted us to visit the Ubud Monkey Forest but we ourselves being monkeys decided to skip that 😉

Water Sports

Whats the point going to an island and not experiencing the water sports. Bali offers variety of water activities like jet ski, parasailing, banana ride, fly fish, doughnut ride, Fly board, scuba diving. We did all of these activities in Nusa Dua.


Bali being a place to relax, it is also a place for party goers and have a lively night life. The two most most famous are Potato Head Beach Club and Rock Bar. These places have restaurants, infinty pool, large lawn, music. It is recommended to go to this places during evening sunsets. Trust me you will get the best view.



For the party animals, there are too many smalls clubs and pubs where you can enjoy dancing the night out. The best found was La Favela in Seminyak. It is a huge club with the best music taste.


Now after reading this, you would be convinced that Bali is a complete package including relaxation, adventure, thrill, rejuvenation and lively night life. Why would you not choose to visit this place?

Here are some recommendations from me while you visit Bali:

Stay: If you are travelling in a group, it is best to stay in a villa. Bali has the best Villas.

Food: Must eat local rice dish “nasi goreng” and drink chilled coconut water.

Must carry: Best sunscreen to protect your skin from getting tanned.